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What about The Second Coming 
of Jesus?

DEFINITION:  A time when Jesus who was here once will come back to save the church and destroy the wicked. It will be the end of mankind and the earth.

David B. Brown From the book "Seven Myths of Denominationalism"



Myth 6: The Rapture, The RAPTURE, THE RAPTURE!
6.1 A Most Popular Doctrine
6.2 A Proposed Scenario
6.3 Scriptural View of Judgment
6.3.1 The Gospels
6.3.2 The Book of Acts
6.3.3 The Letters to the Churches
6.3.4 The Book of Revelation
6.3.5 A Review of Our Scenario
6.4 More on the Chaining of Satan
6.5 On the Kingdom
6.6 On the Rapture
6.7 Is This Important?
Grady Scott  2nd Coming
Shall the Lord Come Again?**
The Homecoming**
Brian Yeager Final Things:
An in Depth Look Into Pre-Millennialism, 1,000 year reign etc.
AD 70 Doctrine and its Errors
Y 2 K
Every Knee Shall Bow
Heaven or Hell**
The Judgement
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
David Gladwell He is Coming in the Clouds
Thomas Winter
Clouds And Great Glory...Lu. 21:27
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