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These are general topics about our savour Jesus the Christ.

Grady Scott The Boy Jesus
Who is Jesus, Creature or Creator?
Why Follow Jesus
Jesus, Friend of Sinners
The Life & Mission of Christ
Shadow of The Cross Part 1
Shadow of the Cross Part 2
The Sheep of The Shepherd
Brian Yeager Christ - (Death, burial, and Resurrection)
He Became Lower Than the Angels **
Old Testament Prophesies Fulfilled in Christ
The Final Days of Jesus
The Name Christian
Mark A. Copeland Jesus, The Way (7 Sermons)
Jesus, My Lord
That You May Believe (9) *
Thomas Winter
Jesus And The Mercy Seat...Heb. 9:1-10
Neil Prokop Jesus Christ's Influence Over People I
Jesus Christ's Influence Over People II
Walter Porter Jesus Our Redeemer **

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G. Allen Walker Combined Topical Index Jesus and His Attributes
G. Allen Walker Combined Greek Lexicon 

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