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John L. Kachelman, Jr.
Personalities of The Old Testament


A study of personalities discovered in the Old Testament Scriptures. These character studies will examine the lives, attitudes, and actions of men and women and discuss how such are still present in our modern-day. Specific application of lessons for learning from these characters will be made in each study.
AMAZIAH – Willing Service, Eternal Glory (2 Chron 17)
EBED-MELECH – Help For Those In The Dumps (Jer. 38, 39)
ABIGAIL – Soothing The Savages (1 Sam 25)
MICAH – The Man Who Lost His Religion (Jud 18)
JABEZ – Disabled But Not Disqualified (1 Chron 4)
NEHEMIAH – Great Duty Cannot Be Shirked (Neh 6)
AARON – The Orator Turned Idolater (Ex 32)
MICHAL – Bitter Isolation, Pouty Pride (1 Sa 18, 19)
DEBORAH – Israel’s Holy Lady (Jud 4, 5)
HILKIAH – Restoring The Lost Law (2 Ki 22)
ESAU – Knowing What Matters Most (Hb 12)
JEHOSHEBA – A Heroic Aunt (2 Ki 11)
EZRA – A Skillful Scribe (Ezra 7)

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