The New International Version
aka The hIV Bible

aka The New Highly Infected Bible
aka The New International per-Version
aka The HIV Bible
aka The New International Perversion
aka The NOT Inspired Version
aka The Denominational Creed Book of All Denominations

NOTE:  The New International Version (NIV) is not a Bible. The Bible is the inspired word of God. The creators even made a "politically correct" version TNIV (Today's New International Version) & New International Version 2011, NIV2011... how so human of them. (Actually I am shocked they did not make God a Female or Jesus a Homosexual. Once a perversion always a perversion!) If you have to change the word of God to promote your doctrine, that belief has to be false!

The New International Version (NIV) is inspired by the devil, the work of a publishing company to make MONEY! The New International Version (NIV), NIV 2011, TNIV, NIrV, are printed by Zondervan which is owned by Harper Collins in San Francisco. Harper Collins is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is a billionaire pornographer. Rupert Murdoch owns a vast empire of magazines, TV, movies, and publishers.  These are just 4 of his outlets that offer porno: Direct TV, Foxtel, FX network (nudity on TV shows like Rescue Me and The Shield), and Sky Italia.  There may be many more but these will suffice to show that I have a base for what I had stated. Whenever someone purchases an New International Version (NIV), Rupert Murdoch gets $1. The church fights pornography and on the other hands pours millions of dollars into the industry by purchasing the New International Version (NIV) en masse from the company of a pornographer. God would never hand His Holy Word over to an unsaved pornographer. Why then would the church accept it? 1 How can anyone trust their soul to people who would do such a thing? it is impossible for me to understand why? (Hey Rupert repent and give me Zondervan.)

Secondly, there are hundred if not thousands of versions of an New International Version (NIV) in publication, but under very few different copyrights.  The New International Version is supposedly a 'finished product.' (As in the Modern Literal Version an unfinished work, I might see a hundred over the pass 14 years.) I am not talking about cosmetics or study versions but actual different internal wording! I have seen Acts 2:38 translated 3 entirely different ways with 2 of them 180 degree different in meaning! Every time I have ever discussed religion with a denominational person and the New International Version was brought up... they all had the same thing to say, "We have had many times during bible study had someone say there New International Version (NIV) doesn't read that way."  I am sure this changes are to keep various denominations happy that their bible reads like their creed books do. (IF you wonder why a denomination exist it is seldom differences of opinions in the Scriptures but how much did they "add to" or "take away" from the basic Bible teachings, all recorded in some man made creed book or separate constitution followed by the leaders of the denomination.)

The New International Version (NIV) claims to use "Dynamic equivalence" that in English means "paraphrase."  To speak correctly it is "to paraphrase the
Greek (NT) or Hebrew (OT) into English." In ALL paraphrase translations your Word of God is someone else's opinion. The New International Version (NIV) has 13,000 less words than the literally translated "Modern Literal Version (typical of paraphrases). Hey, who needs those words in their bible?

It claims to be "Interdenominational." But the truth is many different people were paid to participate in this project but almost none of them contributed work that was in the final product!

Please Google or Yahoo "New International Perversion" and see how many people who are members of a denomination hate the New International Version (NIV) the Bible made just for them! 

Why are you trusting your soul to something so bad?

The Anti-Salvation New International Version Part 2  . Other Authors

1. & "Today's New International Perversion" by Joseph Farrar 

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