Bible Translations an In Depth Overview
Your Translation from God or Man?
(rough draft)

Would you want to trust your soul to a Bible Translation with the following criteria:

Written by a Denomination
Written for a Denomination
Contained beliefs of the founder / owner of the Denomination
Copyrighted by the same Denomination
Not real literal, written in English prose
Then years later revised by the same Denomination
Oh, and his name is on the cover.

(Not the Baptist's Holman Christian Study Bible; if you are guessing ahead.)
Click here to see what Bible Translation I am talking about. 

Now this doesn't mean go and get all these and burn them. But do you see my point? 

In the next 400 years far worst have been created by denominations to plague your salvation; most major denominations have created their own Bible.

If you have to change the Word of God to proof your denominational doctrine it can not possibly be right.  Agree?

So now to save you the rest of this article (even though you really should read it all.)

Look up John 3:16 in the King James Version, American Standard Version, Young's Literal Version, Concordant Verion, any of the Jay P. Green Sr. versions (KJVII, KJVIII, LiTV), New King James Version, New American Standard Version (1978 copyright), World English Bible, Modern Literal Version (may be others).  Here it is the most literal word for word translation in English as rendered from the Modern Literal Version:
For God so loved the world, that he gave his Son, the only begotten, that everyone who believes in him may not perish, but may have eternal life. MLV
(The second "may" is dropped sometimes in English translation because we generally don't speak that way.)
(Many of the translations above use "should" or "might" for "may.")
What is taught here, is that belief does not guarantee salvation. Salvation is conditional. Agree?

Now open the Bible Translation you have or want to check for tampering, denominational influence, false teaching or however else someone might describe as indoctrination (provided of course it is not in the list above).

Don't cheat... after you read Jn 3:16 in your translation... click here.


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