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The Combined Topical Index


This work is in its second revision.  It is a combined index of what use to be "Hitchcock's Bible Names" & "Nave Topical Bible" & "Torrey's Topical Index"  along with five other partial indexes.  Later "Easton's Dictionary" and "Smith's Dictionary" maybe added. Many spelling mistakes have been corrected and many archaic words have been removed.  Many additional topics have been added to the "Combined Topical Index."  Most of these are taken from sermon outlines and personnel study by contributors and editors of this work.  The original computer generated first edition used the public domain texts. I will be adding the second revision to: 
At that point we hope to have even further input on corrections of typo's and mistakes, doctrinal issues or additional topics.

 Copyright G. Allen Walker, 1998 All Rights Reserved.


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