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What About Divorce?

The following articles and sermons deal with one of the worst emotional areas in our modern times.  Everyone has probably seen or been affected by a divorce.  Many different views have come about dealing with the subject.  I feel that the main problem with divorce/remarriage issues is that the church does not preach enough on marriage, commitment and the family. If you are in a remarriage situation of any type: YOU need to work out your own salvation in fear and trembling.  YOU need to study the Bible. YOU need to decide what God tells YOU to do. YOU will stand before God by YOURSELF. Do not trust your soul to someone else's teachings.
Butch Walker 

Grady Scott Divorce and Remarriage
Brian Yeager Divorce
Thomas Winter
A Safe Channel

A Marriage in Decline **
Is Desertion A Grounds for Remarriage? **
The Gospels and the Covenants **
They Promised to Put Away Their Wives **
When the Vow Breaks **
Why Marriages Fail **
G. Allen Walker CombinedTopical Index   Divorce

Greek Word


The Greek word translated "Adultery" is Strong's number 3429, so you can look it up in almost any Greek Lexicon.  It means "act of adultery" or can be used to mean "adulterer" or "adulteress".   Anyone who is married commits adultery when he or she commits "fornication," Strong's Greek number 4202.  This Greek word means a sexual act between two or more people, whether bi-sexual, homosexual, heterosexual.  The Greek word does not include "lust" or "lustful acts".  Looking at pornography is not grounds for a divorce, though it is still sin!


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