Koine Greek Textbook
The New Koine Greek Textbook is an off shoot of the "Modern Literal Version." The Greek Dictionary section was created at the same time as the MLV.  It has been submitted to the U.S. Library of Congress, awaiting a U.S. Copyright so this way no one can steal this work and claim it to be 'theirs' and then stop distribution without payment of royalty.

At present "The New Koine Greek Textbook" is only for the 2005 Majority Text and the Modern Literal Version.  Volume I Sample  Volume II Sample
(This will be massively updated this year for next but it's $25 or so to get both and e-Sword will be free.)

Volume I is an English Concordance to the Modern Literal Version with about 98% of the wording of the MLV listed, all coded to the Strong's numbering system. 

Volume II is an Greek Dictionary & Greek Concordance of about 99% of the Greek words used in the Majority Text 2005. (Similar to the Strong's Greek Dictionary & The Englishman's Greek Concordance.)

NOTE: for a complete study of the MLV you need both volumes. (They just did not fit into one book with on-demand publishing.)

This is a true correction to the Strong's Numbering System which is used by millions.
Greek Dictionary created at the same time as was the Modern Literal Version
Dictionary (more just explanations for entries in the Lexicon at present; partially done.).
Analytical Lexicon, all the parsing codes of the New Testament, not just T.R. (not done yet)
Concordance to the "Modern Literal Version"
Concordance to the "2005 Majority Text"

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