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MINUS $650 for 2014 so far.

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If you are NOT a Christian. You do not need to read this page. This web site is here for your benefit. 


The Christian Library On-Line in its mothballed condition is 1400-4,300 unique visitors per day with about 20% repeat per day. 3,000-5,000 pages are seen per day. Every country in the world has accessed these pages including the Muslim & Communist ones. China is the most visited. Even the people who arrived here by accident still saw "truth" before they left. The only reason this happens is because of the size of the Christian Library and because I am a computer tech.!!!

The Christian Library is about to exceed its bandwidth limitations.  When this happens without the bills getting paid by YOU, I will have no choice but shut this site down; partially or totally. If I had told a congregation the facts above in 1950, they would have emptied their treasurer to support this effort but here in 2012 people have hardened their hearts so much...

The Christian Library is approximately 15,100 files, 358 MB, 307 folders. When I had financial support and I was on "retraining" it ranked in the top 20 pages in Google & Yahoo on almost every Bible subject searched (1999-2001).  The Christian Library has over 200 "search words" embedded in the top 20 of Google, Yahoo, etc. Has multiple top 10 search result words and even a few #1's; but all for this non-sense. 

Currently on my computer there is 8.5 GB of material that should be in the Christian Library. 15 times more than what is here now. This material does not include any updating of anything currently already here; doesn't include finishing projects started here like the quizzes, etc. that would probably be another 500 MB. 

IF you are NOT doing better yourself then you need to support this effort!

Modern Literal Version

As much as I would like to say that all the work needed could be done on a voluntary basis... it just has not happened in 22 years. I have reference projects that if I could retire today that might not be completed before my death.  I am in dire need of a programmer right now.

In order for the Modern Literal Version to ever be printed requires massive amount of advertising on places like Facebook, Twitter, forums, web sites Christian or not.  The MLV needs to be the talk of everyone. Please put links to this page if you have any of the above. This kind of advertising might get some publisher interested; otherwise 10's of thousands of dollars will be needed up front to pay a publisher.

If you are rich, a donation of up to $13,000 can be given without the recipient required to pay tax; as a married couple $26,000.
Do you want to evangelize the world or give to the world's most accurate modern translation ever made?

IF every person who visited the Christian Library gave one single dollar per year...

In Christ,

Please keep this missionary effort in your prayers. You may link to anything on this web site without permission. You may print anything on  this web site provided you follow the restrictions under the Copyright Section.  To add links to your site or Christian Library pages click here.