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About Those Who Work on the Modern Literal Version

We are a group of Christians who believe the Word of God was God-breathed when it is translated properly into English. Everyone who has ever worked on the MLV have about the same story to tell which includes one of more of the following statements:
  1. They studied their way to be here.
  2. They always were seeking a purer Word of God, closer to the Koine Greek, than what was available to them at the time.
  3. They found issues with their current 'favorite' translation.  Some took off to learn Greek, some started revising their translations more in line with what the Greek really says.
  4. They found major doctrinal issues with the translations that they were using directly tied back to those who made it, i.e. a government, a church, a publishing company, or someone in it for 'money's sake'.
  5. They had their fill of bible versions that were made from corrupt texts or corrupt textual thinking and minimal use of all the Greek texts. 
  6. They wanted to do more than 3.5 hrs. a week and were willing to give up 'things' to help.
  7. They wanted a translation that could grow, be readable by all Christians, expand to other reference books.
Now with all that, we have found that most all of us are from non-denominational or independent denominational churches because they are the ones who believe the Bible is a rule book not just a guide book. But other than the Mormons & Jehovah Witnesses, all major groups have contributed in some way or another.

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