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The "Modern Literal Version" may not be ERROR-Free yet but we are trying to make it that way.

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Download the Modern Literal Version New Testament (MLV) in Word Perfect format.
(This is always the most current version, our remote backup file. Open Office 3.3 down opens WP files naturally or Libre Office up to version  Here is OO 3.3

Download the Modern Literal Version New Testament (MLV) in Adobe PDF format.

NOTE: Download DoPDF 7 and set it as default printer to view the WP File in Word Perfect the same as we do. Link here. 

(2-18-2014 "Modern Literal Version 2014 Version" update; Please make sure you delete out the OLD version.)
E-Sword Module Available
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Download the Modern Literal Version New Testament (MLV) in Word Processor RTF format.
Download the Modern Literal Version New Testament MLV) in HTML format. (unzip and double click on index.htm).
Download the Modern Literal Version New Testament in BOLD Letter Edition*.

Download the Modern Literal Version New Testament (MLV) in CSV format for spreadsheet or database.
Download the Modern Literal Version New Testament (MLV) in E-Sword Preparatory format files.

(Really old.)

Some versions in Electronic format are missing parts or all of the following areas or after the fact corrections:
Modern Literal Version New Testament Accuracy Chart (see why it is the World's most accurate English Translation).
Reading Schedule
Appendix 2 for Electronic Additions
Why the Majority Text (A Greek textual study).
Modern Literal Version Word Statistics (Why you never need a Greek anything again to study God's word.)
Copyright (use for anything but profit making basically)

As anyone would guess here is a list of fixes found after the fact (only in the 2013 version), even with 10 proofreaders. 

More Info

The following things are what to look for in proofreading:
  1. Read the Preface & Appendix first so you have an idea of Asterisk words and such. 
  2. The whole idea here is to make the world's most accurate translation more readable.
  3. Old English constructions like "hear we" where we say "we hear."
  4. Bad English construction like "object, subject, verb" (normal Greek, too often left behind by Greek translators.) To rearrange sentences of the Modern Literal Version to read "subject, verb, object or indirect object" does no harm to the Greek or the Word of God.  If it reads "choppy" then you should point out how you believe it should read.  All comments are checked against the Greek to make sure the correction is allowed.  THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY is to print the chapters of the MLV and read them, correct them like they are "Term papers" that you are about to turn into you English teacher for a grade.
  5. Note Old English words like "pangs, reins, etc." Surely by now these are gone but you never know.
  6. General typos like "teh" for "the" "an" for "a" etc. 
  7. You can always add a word in like "the" or "a" and even other words which will be marked with italics to show they are supplied to help make more readable. The idea here is NOT to commentary or paraphrase. 
  8. Most words can not be changed like "present" into "gift" but some words do have variations like "to" and "for", "thus" and "so", "even" and "also", and those can be substituted.  (They are available in the Word List we give you.)
  9. Add or remove punctuation. It is best to read aloud.
  10. Using a Greek Interlinear and other literal translations are useful to most. A nice little Windows program on scripture4all.org has the Concordant and Young Literal together with a Textus Receptus interlinear.  Berry's Interlinear is best (original name is "A New New Testament Interlinear").
  11. All that is asked for sure is send corrections chapter by chapter so we can make sure people are not correcting already corrected areas.
  12. As you get into this more and more and we talk back and forth you will understand.  Each person has their own particular style and skill set and will contribute from that to the betterment of the MLV.

Greek Proofreaders:

  1. If you see a Greek word that is inconsistency in its renderings in the MLV please check a Greek concordance before sending a recommendation of how the Greek word should be changed. Please include the Strong's Reference number because transliterations schemes are very different sometimes and not all Greek fonts are readable back and forth in emails.
  2. Read the Greek Majority Text (Maurice Robinson's) and then read the MLV; if you see something that is not correct please note the original and the recommended change. 
  3. Check known problems in translations in general. The following have been fixed already. Acts 11:26, Mt. 16:19, Mt. 28:1, and many others.

People who are fluent in Koine Greek please mlvbible ( at ) gmail ( dot ) COM.

Note: The copyright on this translation is to stop tampering and people from using the work of Christians for "profit." Under the right conditions this translation will be free to all Software publishers.

G. Allen Walker, Secretary / Computer Technician for the Modern Literal Version 1987-2012

Download a Revision to the Alan Bunning Lexicon in Excel Format of 2/29/2004 with MLV additions. (Projects from Alan were mothballed.)
This is the only corrected form of Strong's Greek Dictionary to exist but is far from finished. See below.

Majority Text 2005 Downloads
The New Testament in the Original Greek 
Byzantine Textform 2005 
Compiled and Arranged by Maurice Robinson and William Pierpont
ISBN: 0759800774

Greek Majority Text 2005 Parsed Download in RTF

Greek Majority Text 2005 Parsed Download in Word Perfect Format

Greek Majority Text 2005 Parsed Download in Delimited Text Format

Majority Text 2005 Preface

(Sorry these versions have the Minority Text Version variations. We plan to fix this problem later.)

“MLV NTC’s Revision of Strong’s Greek Dictionary"   (MLV NTC = Modern Literal Version New Testament Committee).  Not available yet. Any Computer software company who wants to replace the current antiquated Strong Greek Dictionary and the pitiful Thayer's please contact us. 

"MLV NTC's Greek Interlinear For Greek Students" Not available yet.  Both of these works are slated for release at the finish of The Modern Literal Version of the New Testament.

Phil. 4:20 

Please send corrections as you find them, don't send tons of them at once, this will keep down duplications. Thanks in advance. It only takes about an hour now to update the Modern Literal to the Web so it will be updated more often.  Email the Editors: mlvbible ( at ) gmail ( dot ) COM.

* "BOLD Letter Edition" & "Bold Letter Edition" concept & wording Copyright 2012, G. Allen Walker. All Rights Reserved.

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