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Pick Version, then Book from either Old Test. or New Test., then Chapter, then verse or pick "Whole Chap" at the top of the Verse drop down box if you want to see the verse in context, or just do simple reading. (Some formatting may look strange in the MLV since it was formatted by chapter not verse.)

MLV ... Modern Literal Version (New Testament Only) 1987, 2000, 2011 not finished see more below
ASV ... American Standard Version 1901
WEB ... World English Version (1999 not finished in Old Test.)
KJV ... King James Version 1769 Cambridge Edition
YLT ... Young's Literal Translation 1892
Douay ... Douay Rheims Translation (Catholic) 1582  English corrected 1700's

The ASV, WEB and MLV are not currently in print. Some ASV's are printed from time to time by Star Bible in Texas.

All versions except the MLV are public domain, print as you wish. The MLV is under restrictive copyright until it is finished infomation inside download below (all files in download are in Rick Text Format):
Corrections are posted about twice a week.

Please send any corrections or comments to:
sales 11 (at) ISC network ( dot) com

Want to do something for the Lord, help out with the MLV. We need lots of people to do simple menial tasks.