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Introduction: Saul, the persecutor of the church Paul, the defender of the faith 


1. Zealous. Phil. 3:5; Rom. 10:1  2. Religious. Phil. 3:6  3. Educated. Acts 22:3  4. Profited above others. Gal. 1:14  5. Made havoc of church. Acts 8:1,3 II. HIS JOURNEY TOWARD DAMASCUS  1. Letters from High Priest. Acts 9:2  2. Heart full of threatenings and slaughter  3. Thought he was right. Acts 26:9  4. Conscience was clear. Acts 23:1;24:16 III. THE LIGHT THAT STOPPED HIM  1. From Heaven. Acts 26:13  2. Brighter than the sun. 26:13  3. At mid-day. 26:13  4. Stricken blind. Acts 9:9 IV. THE CONVERSATION WITH JESUS  1. Jesus spoke first. Acts 9:4  2. Repenting, asks what to do. 9:6  3. Calls Jesus his Lord. 9:6  4. Told to go to Damascus for information V. THE SCENE IN DAMASCUS  1. House of Judas. Acts 9:11  2. Ananias, the disciple. 9:10  3. The instructions. Acts 22:16  4. The result. Acts 9:18 Conclusion: Started out to persecute disciples at Damascus, breathing out threats and slaughter against them 

Ended up as one of them, sounding out the word of the Lord to them. Acts 9:19,20 

Sermon Outline by Thomas Winter Butterfield 

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