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Isa. 30:1, 2 


1. Egypt a type of the world  2. Israel separated from Egypt and its influence  3. Israel's tendency to return to things Egyptian  4. There is a tendency on part of some Christians to return to former religious beliefs  5. Some would like to bring their worldliness with them into the church  6. Isaiah warned Israel not to seek help from the Egyptians. Isa. 30:1, 2 I. ISRAEL WENT TO EGYPT FOR "HELPS" IN WORSHIP  1. Miriam and women worship with instruments brought out of Egypt. Exo. 15:20-23  2. They made a golden calf like the sacred cattle of Egypt. Exo. 32:1-6  3. Churches borrow "helps" from world today II. ISRAEL LONGED FOR EGYPTIAN FOOD. Exo. 16:1-3  1. Churches of today prefer carnal commandments of men to spiritual food -- the word of God. Matt. 15:9; Col. 2:21, 22 III. ISRAEL WENT TO EGYPT FOR HELP IN TIME OF TROUBLE Deut. 17:16; 1 Kings 10:28  1. Church goes to world in time of trouble  2. Depends too much on Red Cross, and other human organizations. Church is sufficient! IV. ISRAEL SOUGHT COUNSEL OF WISE MEN OF EGYPT  1. Churches of today reject counsel of God in order to follow wisdom of men V. ISRAEL LONGED FOR EGYPT INSTEAD OF CANAAN  1. Too many long for world instead of Heaven  2. Should set our affections on things above. Col. 3:1-3 Sermon Outline by George William Butterfield 

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