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Heb. 1:4 


1. Paul's purpose-the exaltation of Jesus  2. Names carry tremendous influence  a). Name of Washington in East  b). Political magic in name of Roosevelt  c). Jewish reverence for name of Abraham  3. Note change of Jamb's name to "Israel." Gen. 27:36; Gen. 32:28 I. ANGELS HAVE EXCELLENT NAMES. Heb. 1:4  1. Michael-"Like God." Rev. 12:7; Jude 9  2. Gabriel-"Man of God." Dan. 8:16; Lu. 1:19, 20  3. One refused to tell His name. Gen. 32:29 II. JESUS IS MORE EXCELLENT THAN THE ANGELS  1. Sits at the right hand of God. Vs. 3  2. Angel never redeemed a soul  3. Jesus exalted above His "fellows." (Angels) vs. 9  4. Deserves a better name. Inherited it. (Text)  5. Angels were made servants of Jesus. 1 Pet. 3:22 (At birth. In Getheseme. Resurrection and ascension. Subject to Him now and will come with Him at end of world.) III. THE EXCELLENCE OF JESUS' NAME  1. It is a worthy name. James 2:7  2. It is above every other name. Phil. 2:9  3. Every knee must bow to it. Rom. 14:10-12  4. Every tongue must confess it. Phil. 2:9  5. It is an all-powerful name. Matt. 28:18  6. Must do all in His name. Col. 3:17  7. There is salvation in it. Acts 4:12  8. Worship of angels forbidden. Rev. 19:10; 22:9; Acts 10:25, 26 IV. NO MORE EXCELLENT NAME THAN "SON OF GOD."  1. We, too, may wear it. Rom. 8:17  2. "Behold what manner of love." 1 John 3:1
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