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1. What is meant by "backsliding?"  2. Christians should move forward. Heb. 6:1 I. SOME CAUSES OF BACKSLIDING  1. Absence of spiritual leaders. Exo. 32:1  2. Evil associations. Example, Solomon and idolatrous I Kng. 11:4  3. Worldly success  4. Shallowness. Lu. 8:13  5. Nothing to do. Elders should keep members busy  6. Love for this world. 2 Tim. 4:10 II. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE RESULTS OF BACKSLIDING?  1. Religious indifference. Matt. 24:12; Amos 6:1  2. Unfit for the Kingdom. Lu. 9:62  3. Loss of spiritual enthusiasm. Rev. 2:4  4. Divine displeasure. Heb. 10:38; 2 Pet. 2:20 III. NO ONE GAINS BY BACKSLIDING  1. The church loses a member  2. The Lord loses a servant  3. The brethren lose a brother or sister  4. The community loses a Christian influence  5. The backslider loses his Soul Conclusion: Only the devil can be happy over it, and he can backslider nothing but torment 

Sermon Outline by George William Butterfield 

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