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Remember and Obey!

Thesis:                             The ever encouraging God giving comfort to a frustrated people; the
                                            doom of nations, and the ultimate glory of Jehovah's cause.
Sermon:                         The book of Zechariah 1: 1-14: 21/"Whom Jehovah Remembers"
Object:                           To motivate the audience to develop the virtue of patience.
Song of Invitation:     # 596;  Victory in Jesus


I.     Zachariah was a contemporary of Haggai in rebuilding the temple.
       A.   Circa 550-500 BC.
       B.   He prophesied from circa 520-518 BC.
              1.   He and Isaiah foretold the most of the coming Messiah.
              2.   They both were culturing Israel of the inclusion of Gentiles in the
                    kingdom of God.

II.   Israel was returning from 70 years of Babylonian captivity.
       A.   Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed.
       B.   The temple and Israel were synonymous; with the temple destroyed the
              mood was depressing.

III.   God comforted Israel with His divine communication, prophecy of the
         coming Messiah, and the victory He would take us onto.


I.   Divine communication.
       A.   6 visions and assurances of Zachariah.
              1.   All believers would be made part of His kingdom.   [Joel 2: 28]
                     i.   Speaking representatively.
                     ii.   Believers and NOT unbelievers.
                     iii.   NOT Jews and Gentiles separately.
              2.   All believers would seek wisdom out of the Bible only.
       B.   People perish w/o visions and the mystical/mysterious.   [Pr 29: 18]
              1.   Revelation was not everywhere to be found.     [1 Sam 3: 1]
              2.   Yet people such as Samuel stayed faithful to Eli the High Priest.
              3.   Our life is one of service;   [Jn 13: 17]
                     we are not to wait for special revelation.
              4.   Why?  Because that which is perfect has come.  [1 Cor 13: 10]
              5.   The mystery/gospel is available to everybody.

       C.   "For thus says the Lord of hosts" is listed 16 times in chapter 8.
              1.   We need to be awed and inspired by His Words.
              2.   We get tired of hearing this today, as they did then.
              3.   Let us use this to encourage us into every good work.

II.   Jesus Christ, The Branch/Sprout of David.   [Zech 6: 12-13]
       A.   550-500 years before Christ, Zachariah was already referring to
             The King of kings and His characteristics.

       B.   Christ instructed his followers to bear fruit.  [Jn 15: 1-27]
              1.   God is glorified if we bear fruit!   [Jn 15: 8]
              2.   He commands us to grow/make disciples, just as His vine grows
                     and its branches/Christians multiply and bear fruit.
              3.   We are His friends only if we do what He commands.   [Jn 15: 14]

III.   Victory is possible ONLY with God and His Son.  [Zech 6: 12-13]
       A.   Christ would not be a worldly king.  [Zech 9: 9]

       B.   He would be humble and modest; He is an atypical worldly king.

       C.   Christ was willing to sacrifice Himself for us,       [Zech 12: 10]
              so that we might have the "unmerited gift/favor" of salvation!

       D.   Our sins would one day be washed away.   [Zech 13: 1]
              1.   Baptism would replace the atonement    [Heb 9: 23-26]
                     made by the high priest annually.
              2.   This gives us salvation - God's gift!   [Heb 9: 28]

       E.   Christ was wounded by our ignorance.   [Zech 13: 6]
              1.   The stiff-necked Israelites were always rebellious and thankless.
              2.   The Old Testament is a regurgitation of Israel's backsliding.
       F.   We must thank God for His Son's example of love.   [1 Cor 15: 57]
              1.   Christ giving His life for us, we have victory.   [1 Jn 5: 4]
              2.   Victory in nobody else but Him!


I.     Remember and obey Him because He is "The Lord of hosts.
       [Zech 1: 3-4, 6, 12, etc.]

II.    God cared so much for Israel that He sent them for chastening.   [Zech 8: 2]

III.   God's divine communication revealed to us of His Son.
        God taught physical Israel then and spiritual Israel today that after one sins
         there must be disciplining.
       A.   Discipling is as a schoolmaster.
       B.   Baptism is one part of the road to salvation.


I.     If you would like to walk the road to salvation, take up your cross of

II.   Study, hear, believe, confess, repent, be baptized, and remain faithful in Jesus
       Christ and His Word.

III.   If we remember and obey ALL of His Words, we shall experience the
         comfort of God in our lives.

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