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When I Sit in Darkness, the Lord Shall be a Light Unto Me!

Sermon:  The book of Micah
Thesis:   Despite the evil around us, we must look to the Light!
Object:   To motivate the audience to salvation; it is the only hope in a lost world.
Song of Invitation:   # 466;  Send the Light!


I.   God's hatred of injustice and rituals is seen in every book of the Bible.

II.   Micah, the ONLY prophet to prophesy about the Northern and Southern
       kingdoms, prophesied about both nations repenting from their injustices and


I.   Micah's plea for repentance.                                                                [2: 12-13; 5: 6-10]

       A.   In justice/ethics, spirituality/soul, and education/intellect                              [3: 11]
              of the nation were corrupt.
              1.   The corrupt nations of today are corrupt throughout.
              2.   It is a downward spiral without end.
              3.   We may have a sin that is keeping us from reaching our spiritual potential.
       B.   The rulers hated good and loved evil.                                                               [3: 2]
              1.   The moral "seed" was so corrupt that the leaders were evil.
              2.   What happens with our own lives when sin permeates our lives.
       C.   False prophets were everywhere.                                                                   [3: 5-8]
              1.   Spiritual leaders were corrupt, just as the political leaders.
              2.   I must stand up against false prophets and leaders.

       D.   Repent from evil ways; transgressions of Judah/Northern kingdom               [1: 5]
              and the high places of Judah - Jerusalem/Southern kingdom.

       E.   Evil people who desire to oppress people.                                                       [2: 1-2]
              1.   Their evil plans deny them the pleasure of sleep!
              2.   They scheme how to hurt and abuse others.
              3.   The wicked people before the flood had evil hearts.                            [Gen 6: 5]

       F.   God's warning to both nations was severe:
              "Therefore thus says the Lord: Behold, against this family I am devising disaster,
              from which you cannot remove your necks; nor shall you walk haughtily, for this is
              an evil time.                                                                                                          [2: 3]

       Trans:       God never rebukes without allowing man time to decide to change;
              there still was time to repent from their sins.  They also needed to temper that
              change of heart with patience.

II.   Micah's plea for patience.

       A.   Blessings for Israel will come, if they are long-suffering.                           [7: 11-20]

       B.   But you must offer what God wants, not what you want!                              [6: 6-8]
              1.   Do justly.                                                                                             [Gen 18: 19]
              2.   Love mercy.                                                                                        [Lk 6: 30-38
              3.   Walk humbly with your God.                                                                [Jam 1: 27]

       C.   God wants us to be faithful/loyal.                                                                         [7: 2]
              1.   Fair-weather disciples is not what he wants.
              2.   Faithfulness and loyalty to friends, as with God, requires work and pain.
              All had seemed to perish from the earth.
              the suff that precedes the kingdom                                                                [4: 9-5: 1

       D.   If patient, we will receive the everlasting glories of the kingdom of God.     [4: 1-8]

       E.   It will be a glorious kingdom with a "perfect" head/leader.         [Col 1: 18]

       F.   Immediate desolation, but future glory!                                                         [7: 14-20
              1.   The captivity in Egypt > the 40 years of wandering > the promised land!
              2.   God's mercy conquers His anger over Israel's disobedience.                    [7: 18

       Trans:     God always gives us a means to escape; here is a hope for future happiness!

III.   Micah's plea for hope.                                                                         [4: 1-2; Isa 2: 2-3]
       A.   Message of hope.                                                                                                [7: 8]
              "Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; when I fall, I will arise;
              when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me."
              1.   Do I allow His light in to my soul?
              2.   Do my neighbors see "the Light" shining in me?

       B.   This is a universal appeal for all men to understand and appreciate the nature
              and effect of the reign of Jesus Christ over His everlasting spiritual kingdom.
              1.   The Lord's Church.                                                                                     [Acts 2
              2.   Under the Prince of peace, citizens of His kingdom                                      [4: 3
                     learn the ways of peace, and become peacemakers, to love their enemies and
                     to learn war no more.

       C.   The admonition is:
              1.   Look to the Lord and wait for the God of "my" salvation                           [7: 7]
              2.   We have a personal relationship with God, thanks to Jesus Christ.

       D.   Jesus Christ is to come.                                                                                        [5: 2
              1.   His rule and kingdom will guide us.                                                      [Mt 2: 5-6]
              2.   Do I allow His kingdom to guide me?

       Transition: If we do allow Jesus Christ to guide our lives,                        [7: 7; Isa 25: 9
              we should have the confidence to say that, "My God will hear me."


I.   Let us make God both our only justice and idol!

II.   God will only hear the sincere voice of true seeker of His will.

III.   We must repent, be patient, and have faith that the Light, Jesus Christ, is Lord of all.

IV.   This hope or light is available ONLY through the plan of salvation.

I.  A disciple of Jesus Christ's is:
       A.  A faithful servant unto death.                                                                     [Rev 2: 10]
              1.  Just as Jesus Christ is faithful,
              2.  but not before I have proven my obedience thru baptism.
       B.  Baptized for my sins.                                                    [Mk 16: 15-16, Acts 10: 47-48
              1.  Just as Jesus Christ was baptized as an example to me,
              2.  but not before I have confessed who my Lord is.
       C.  Confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.                                      [Mt 10: 32, Rom 10: 8-13]
              1.  Just as Jesus Christ confessed His Father as perfect,
              2.  but not before I have repented of past sins.
       D.  Repenting of past sins.                                                                            [Acts 17: 30]
              1.  Just as Jesus Christ taught the woman at the well to sin no more,
              2.  but not before I have believed in God and His Word.
       E  Believing in God and His Word.                                                 [Jn 8: 24, Acts 16: 31]
              1.  Jesus Christ said that if we had the faith of a mustard seed                 [Lk 17: 6]
              2.  but not before I have become a student of God's Word.
       F.  Hearing/studying His Word                                                               [Jn 6: 44-5; 8: 32
              1.  We need to study to be approved,                                              [2 Tim 3: 15-7]
              2.  because nothing else matter!


I.   the superscription      [1: 1]

II.   A message of destruction for Samaria & Judah      [1: 2-2:13
       A.   the revelation of the coming judgement      [1: 2-16]
       B.   the reasons for the coming judgement      [2: 1-13]

III.   A message of doom & deliverance      [3: 1-5: 15]
       A.   Doom: the coming judgement      [3: 1-12]
              1.   Judgement on the rulers      [3: 1-4]
              2.   Judgement on the false prophets      [3: 5-8]
              3.   Judgement on JER      [3: 9-12]
       B.   Deliverance: the coming kingdom.      [4: 1-5: 1]
              1.   the glories of the kingdom      [4: 1-8]
              2.   the suff that precedes the kingdom       [4: 9-5: 1]
       C.   Deliverance: the coming  King       [5: 2-15]
              1.   His 1st coming       [5: 2-3]
              2.   His 2nd coming       [5: 4-15]

IV.   A message of denunciation       [6: 1-7: 10]
       A.   God's 1st indictment       [6: 1-5]
       B.   Israel's 1st reply       [6: 6-8]
       C.   God's 2nd indictment       [6: 9-16]
       D.   Israel's 2nd reply       [7: 1-10]

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