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True Repentance!


Sermon Type:              Expository sermon outline on the book of JOEL
Thesis:                         Chastisement and change are for our good.
Song of Invitation:      # 658;  Can He depend on you?


I.  "Jehovah is God" is the meaning of Joel's name.
       A.   Our God is just, merciful and loving.
       B.   He imparts judgment to all.

II.   The book was written somewhere between 835 -- 770 B.C.
       A.   Joel was Judah's first prophet.
       B.   We must harken to the messengers put in special places for us.

III.   Desolation/Desolate is used six times in the book.
       A.   Other words are devour, destruction, weep, mourn, and judge.
       B.   Beware and be careful of how we live!
       C.   There are consequences for everything we say and do.


I.   Joel made Judah aware that there would be a "Day of the Lord" for Christians.
       A.   Judgement to the wicked and
       B.   deliverance to the righteous.
       C.   God wants to teach us so that men repent.             [Joel 2: 11-13, 28-32]
       D.   Because of their sin they were experienceing extreme conditions.
              1.   Worst locust plague ever known to Judah.
              2.   Drought and famine to follow
              3.   Seeds would fall to the ground and not sprout up because of the
       E.   We need to teach our children:                             [Deut. 4: 9; 6: 7]
              1.   Our congregations could cease to exist if we fail to teach our children.
              2.   They are our future and the future of the Lord's kingdom on earth.
       F.   Dunn said that the "Destruction from the Almighty was to bring to
              1.   The Lord's chastening!                            [Heb. 12: 5-6, 11]
              2.   Do we chasten our children?

II.   Joel asks them to "Rend your heart, NOT your garment."              [2: 13]
       A.   Often we are too busy worrying about the superficial - exterior.
       B.   What about the state of the heart?
       C.   Joel was optimistic about the abundant materialism to come.
              1.   They had to hope!
              2.   They had to be patient!
       D.   Joel entrusted them to "Call on the name of the Lord."                  [2: 32]
              1.   God will not burden us with too much.
              2.   We must be far-sighted.                                            [1 Cor. 4: 17]
              3.   God will NEVER forsake His own.

III.   Joel asks us to decide; for or against God's wishes?                            [3: 14]
       A.   If we are for, we will have a glorious future.        [Mt. 6: 24, Josh 24: 15]
       B.   Everyday, whether by our deliberate or subconscious actions or by our
             omissions, we are telling people around us whether we are for or against
       C.   God says that we can be only hot or cold toward Him.          [Mt. 12: 30]
       D.   Choices are not easy, because they depend on principles     [Rev. 3: 15-16
              1.   Today, we live in a principleless world.
              2.   Nobody wants to follow God's virtues,
              3.   Or support God's kingdom on earth.
                    [Joel 2: 28-32, Isa. 53, Acts 2: 16-21]
       E.   Cornelius' household chose God.                                             [Acts 10

I.   All have fallen short of God's glory.
       A.   In Romans 1, the Gentiles,
       B.   in Romans 2, the Jews, and
       C.   in Romans 3 ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

II.   Jesus Christ is the Son of those who would call on the name of the Lord.
       A.   We must obey His rules.
       B.   We must have faith and hope in His promises.

III.   God called them and He calls us to repentance because even God has
        had enough.
       A.   The value of chastisement.
              1.   Teaches us rules and discipline.
              2.   Teaches us to respect - making law and order possible.
       B.   It brings repentance and reconciliation.                               [Acts 2: 38
       C.   Likewise, we all need to repent and come back to God.


I.   Repent and be reconciled to God today!
II.   Rend your hearts to God today through obedience to the
        gospel - specifically baptism.
III.   Do not be a fence sitter, for it will get you nowhere!

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