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Walking In Love & Light
Ephesians 5: 1-14
I.   "In Christ" is used 30 times in Ephesians, and 200 times in Paul's 13 epistles.

II.   Since 4: 1-6: 24 is the practical side of being "In Christ," we are exhorted
       to be united through Jesus Christ ONLY!

III.   Diana was the goddess who everybody came to Ephesus to worship, and
        new Christians were falling to her instead of staying faithful to Christ.

IV.   Diana does not teach us to walk in love nor to walk in the light of
        Jesus Christ.

I.   Walking in love.    [5: 1-7]
       A.   We are followers of God as dear children.          [1]
              1.   A spiritually cultured child is innocent to "pure" teaching.
              2.   They are obedient to any "good" admonishing.

       B.   Just "as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us."       [2]
              1.   Christ replaced the Old Testament practice of animal sacrifices.
              2.   This only is pleasing to God.                   [1 Th 4: 9; Gal 1: 4]

       C.   Walking in love does not include these sins.    [3-5; Col 3: 5-7; Tit 3: 9]
              1.   Christians have standards that need to be complied with.
                     a.   "Fitting for saints."                                          [3]
                     b.   Standards that we must stand up for!
              2.   Christian standards include thankfulness.          [4; Phil 4: 6]
                     a.   How thankful am I for the blessing of walking in His love?
                     b.   Do I flaunt it or do I share this blessing with others?

       D.   Christians have an inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.        [5]
              1.   Immoral people have NO place.
              2.   Immoral people will have a day of reconing/accounting.

       E.   Deceivers will tempt you with "empty words."                          [6]
              1.   They will receive "the wrath of God."
              2.   Why do the evil prosper?  They DON'T!

       F.   Don't partake of their sinful/foolish livestyles.                 [7]

II.   Walking in light.                                             [5: 8-14]
       A.   Remember that you once were in darkness.
              1.   You can fall back, out of grace, so be careful!
              2.   This contrast is used to help us remember our former state.
              3.   This contrast is used to prep our minds.
                     a.   5 prepared & 5 unprepared virgins.                   [Mt 25: 1-13]
                     b.   Not all who say "Lord, Lord" will enter the Kingdom.
                           [Mt 7: 21-7]
                     c.   That goes for us self-righteous ones too!

       B.   You will see "righteous" fruit when you walk in the light.
             [Gal 5: 22-6; 2 Pet 1: 5-11]

       C.   We must test/prove what is Christ-like.          [Rom 12: 1-2]

       D.   Have NO fellowship with these "unrighteous" people.          [11]
              1.   Reprove/rebuke them for their sins.
              2.   Disfellowship is a lonely word in today's churches!

       E.   Shameful to even mention such sins.                 [12; Rom 1: 24]

       F.   The light/Jesus Christ, purifies.                        [13; Jn 3: 20-1]

       G.   The light is ONLY in Jesus Christ.          [14; Isa 26: 19; 60: 1]

I.   Walking in love and walking in the light requires fellowshiping the right
      kind of co.

II.   Walking in love and light requires Jesus Christ ONLY!

III.   Diana came and went, but Jesus Christ remains forever and ever!

I.   We invite you to walk in His love and light today and enjoy its consequences
      into eternity in heaven.

II.   For without it, there is eternity. . . .in hell!

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