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Died & Raised with Christ!
Colossians 2: 20-3: 4


I.     The Colossians' practices were a denial of Jesus Christ's Leadership  [2: 16-19
       A.   Fixation upon ritual, a retreat into the old age.          [2: 16-17
       B.   Subservience to angelic powers, a departure from Jesus Christ.   [2: 18-19

II..   The Colossians' practices as a contradiction of their corporate life in Christ.
                                                                      [2: 20-3: 4
       A.   Aren't we all a little hypocritical?  Say one thing, do another?
       B.   We're not much different than the Judaising teachers (Pharisees)!

III.   Death with Christ.                                             [2: 20-23
IV.   Raised with Him.                                             [3: 1-4
V.    God is our reconciler.

I.   Death with Christ.                                             [2: 20-23
       A.   Rudiments/basic principles = forms, shadows, & ceremonial
             ordinances/regulations of Judaism.                               [20
       B.   "Living in the world" = Christian life-style is different.
              1.   Value-judgements of the world is rejected = NO values in the world.
              2.   Returning to the ceremonies of Judaism = going backwards!
       C.   Paul exhorts the Colossians to leave off the Jewish ordinances           [16
              1.   Faith only advocates believe this to be Christian ordinances!?
                    Fish Friday anyone?
              2.   Paul states what the ordinances are.                        [21
              3.   Magna Carta of Christian rel:                                            [Mt 15: 9
                    "In vain do they worship Me, teaching as their doctrine the precepts
                    of men."
              4.   Col.'s were very much like the Pharisees.
              5.   We're NOT sure of what traditions Paul is refering to.
              6.   Such false worship = worshipping in vain.
              7.   Things that will perish anyhow!  Why worry about them?           [22
                     a.   That's why we need to focus on 3: 1-4
                     b.   They focus our attention on what's really important.

       D.   Human wisdom = NO value.                                          [23
              1.   Will-worship = please the worshiper, but NOT commanded by God.
              2.   False humility = Approaching through some angel/human mediator/
                   some deceased saint = spiritual arrogance that only mocks God!
                     a.   Apostle John fell & worshipped an angel.    [Rev 19: 10; 22: 8-9
                     b.   St John Chrysostom (345-407): "That we must be brought near
                           by angels, & not by Christ, for that were too high a thing for us."
                     c.   "Since the Law had been given through the ministration of
                            angels, it was held that angels might be worshiped, probably,
                            with the same subtle distinction with which we're familiar in the
                            ordinary pleas for the veneration of saint."    [Coffman, p. 365]

                     d.   Angels > Mother Mary > candles for the deceased > what?

       E.   The character of the old age/era to be put off.                        [3: 5-9

       F.   The illustration of Baptism!                             [Rom 6: 1-7]

II.   Raised with Christ = emphatically; Mediator/Prophet/Priest/King.      [3: 1-4
      A.   Christian Baptism = past dies & rises up as a Christian!               [1; 2: 22
              1.   Greeks: buriel = hidden in the earth.                                    [3
              2.   Christians: baptism = hidden in Christ!
              3.   Christians can say that we have "died in Christ"              [Rom 7: 4-6
                     because we have died to the law.
              4.   Change of will, NOT change of temptation!

       B.   Seek = most careful & persistent pursuit of the goal indicated.  [Coffman]

       C.   Things of higher importance/exalted principles/spiritual NOT carnal!   [2
              1.   "& if Christ  isn't risen, our faith is futile; you're still in your sins"
                     [1 Cor 15: 17
              2.   Reverting to the ceremonial regulations of Judaism = sin![Gal 2:18-21

       D.   Hid with Jesus Christ.                                                     [3
              1.   The character of the new age/era to be put on.          [3: 10-17

       E.   Jesus Christ = our life.                                      [4; Gal 2: 20

       F.   "Manifested" (Greek) = Phaneroo.
              1.   2nd Advent of Jesus Christ; dead shall be raised, general judgement,
                    eternal reward.
              2.   [2 Th 2: 8; 2 Cor 5: 10; 1 Tim 6: 14; 2 Tim 4: 1, 8; 1 Pet 5: 4;
                    1 Jn 2: 28; 3: 2]

       G.   [Rom 6: 4-7]
       H.   Jesus Christ; Lord of every power & authority.                     [2: 8-10
       I.   Jesus Christ; Source of the Christians new life.                     [2: 11-14
              1.   Circumcision of the heart.                          [2: 13; Rom 2: 28-9
                 2.     Profound changes in lifestyle.

III.   God is our reconciler
       A.   Reconciler of ALL things.                        [1: 20
              1.   Bible is THE ONLY book about the relationship between man &
              2.   Man must chose to obey & be reconciled to G.
       B.   Reconciler of the Colossians.                        [1: 21-23
              1.   Once saved always saved?
              2.   No way!

I.   Colossian's doctrinal & practical advice:
       A.   Christ in you the hope of glory.                      [1: 27
       B.   Walk/rooted/built in Him                                [2: 6-7
       C.   Sharer of Jesus Christ's sufferings.                  [1: 24
       D.   Proclaimer of the Christian mystery.               [1 : 25-27
       E.   Instructor of the saints.                                  [1: 28-29
       F.   In Him brought to perfection.                         [2: 10
       G.   Died with Him.                                              [2: 20
       H.   Raised with Him.                                           [3: 1
       I.   Your life is hid with Him in God.                        [3: 3
              1.   Safe & sound from all harm!
              2.   Safe in the knowledge of life with Jesus Christ into eternity.


I.   We invite you to come forward today to die to your old self & rise up to a
      new man thanks to the Great Reconciler = Jesus Christ.

II.   It won't be easy; you'll have to share in the sufferings of Jesus Christ,
      you'll have to proclaim the Christian mystery, & you'll have to instruct             fellow-saints as well as those lost in the heathen world.

III.   Heathen may be too harsh a term, but I'd rather have you feel discomfort
        today, rather than have anyone, including my worst enemy, go into an
        eternity in hell.

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