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                    "THE EPISTLE TO THE PHILIPPIANS"

                    Paul's Son And Brother (2:19-30)


1. We have already observed that this epistle is very personal in nature

2. Further proof of this is now seen as we consider Paul's remarks
   concerning two men; one described as a "son" to Paul, the other as a
   "brother" (Ph 2:19-30)

3. Paul's comments reveal that these two men demonstrated the "mind of
   Christ" about which Paul encouraged the Philippians to have earlier
   in this chapter

[In this study, we shall notice in what ways these two men demonstrated 
the "mind of Christ" in their service to their brethren, beginning 

I. TIMOTHY, PAUL'S "SON" (19-24)

      1. To send him to Philippi shortly (19,23)
         a. That when Timothy returns, Paul might be encouraged by their
            condition (19b)
         b. But notice that Paul trusts in the Lord Jesus to do this -
            perhaps another way of saying, "If the Lord wills" (cf. 
            Ja 4:15)
      2. But sending Timothy would be delayed until Paul's condition was
         more fully known (23b)

      1. Paul had no one else...
         a. Who was "like-minded" (20a)
            1) Who had the same mind as Paul
            2) Paul and Timothy were truly "united in spirit" and had
               that unity Paul wrote about in Ph 2:2
            3) Therefore, Timothy was the best "alternate" in the place
               of Paul
         b. Who would "sincerely care for your state" (20b)
            1) Remember, Timothy had first joined Paul just before going
               to Philippi (Ac 16:1-12)
            2) So Timothy had good reasons to be close to the brethren
               a) It was "his" first missionary effort
               b) He had known of them from the very beginning of their
                  existence as a congregation
         c. No other person was better suited, therefore, for this
            particular task
      2. His devotion to Christ surpassed others (21)
         a. He sought the interests of Christ, which meant the interests
            of others - cf. Ph 2:4-5
         b. So no one else surpassed Timothy in having the "mind of
      3. He had proved his service in similar errands (22)
         a. For example, with the church at Corinth - 1 Co 4:17
         b. He had done so with humility:  "as a son with his father he
            served with me"
         c. Again, Timothy demonstrated the "mind of Christ" - Ph 2:3

[Such was the young man Timothy:  a beloved "son" to the apostle, whose 
attitudes of humility and service made him a useful instrument in 
Paul's ministry.

Now let's consider...]


      1. "my brother" - a brother in Christ to the apostle Paul
      2. "fellow-worker" - a companion in the work of spreading the
      3. "fellow-soldier" - one shared in the conflicts with the enemies
         of Christ
      4. "your messenger" - the person bearing the gift from the church
         of Philippi to Paul - cf. Ph 4:18
      5. "who ministered to my needs" - now with Paul, he offered
         himself in service to him

      1. A man of love and concern for his brethren at Philippi (26-27)
         a. He longed for his brethren while away from them
         b. He had been sick, and was distressed they knew about it
      2. A man devoted to the work of Christ (30)
         a. Who realized that serving others (like Paul and the
            Philippians) was serving Christ
         b. Who was willing to risk his life in such service - cf. 1 Jn
      3. A man who did not mind being a "messenger"
         a. He had brought the gift to Paul from Philippi - Ph 4:18
         b. More than likely, he carried this epistle back to the
            Philippians (28)
         c. Such willingness again demonstrates humility, so important
            to possessing the "mind of Christ"

[Truly he was a man who lived up to his name:  "Epaphroditus" means 
"handsome, charming"!]


1. Individuals like Timothy and Epaphroditus we are to hold in high
   esteem (29) - WHY?
   a. Because they demonstrate the humility and love so essential to the
      cause of Christ
   b. Because they rendered service to God and His church which is just
      as essential as that offered by men like Paul and Peter

2. The church today needs more people like these two men, to provide the
   backup and support necessary for the cause of Christ

3. We man not be a "Paul" or a "Peter", but we can be a "Timothy" or an
   "Epaphroditus" (i.e., God's "second string")!

4. All we need are the same attitudes they had:
   a. Sincere concern for the condition of others
   b. Seeking first the things of Christ
   c. A willingness to serve others
   d. A willingness to sacrifice themselves, even to the point of death

In other words, the "mind of Christ"!
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