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The Time Is Near!

Revelation 22:6-21

John L. Kachelman, Jr.


I. John has seen the picture of God's care over His followers in their conflict; the certainty of their triumph over the terrible conditions of the day; and, the glory which is beyond the grave. All that remains is the necessity of impressing upon them the importance of this message.

II. The best way to emphasize the message of Revelation in these closing verses is to remind his readers of the 2nd coming of Christ.

1. At least 6 times Christ's return is mentioned in this closing paragraph.

2. V. 10 - "the time is near" could refer to either the second coming or the trials and persecutions referred to in this prophecy. Either way this is a good phrase to use as a closing exhortation. Note 5 points which John is careful to stress here.


I. The time is near - BELIEVE GOD'S WORD! (v. 6, 7, 10).

A. There is a temptation to treat God's Word lightly - to fail to show it proper respect.

1. It is this failing that v. 18-19 rebukes.

2. John's readers must be careful to read God's word and not tamper with it. They must heed what is written. No modification or evading should ever be seen.

B. To help believers remain true to God's Word, John gives 3 basic reasons. Do not reject it because . . .

1. It is faithful and true (v. 6). Here is the only trustworthy message for man. We must be careful not to neglect it!

2. It originates from God (6). It comes from the very God who had given the Old Testament prophets their messages. No other message can claim this.

3. It provides great blessings (7). People have always found the right way (blessing) when they follow God's Word.

C. John wanted his readers to know that in possessing such a message they were burdened with duty! (v.10). This message must not be hidden, it must be studied and applied.

II. The time is near - KEEP THE FELLOWSHIP PURE! (v. 8,9,14,15,18,19).

A. Once again John's readers hear that there are only 2 groups in the world (v. 14-15).

1. There are the righteous.

2. There are the impenitent who defy God.

B. To make his readers remember what was required to be among the righteous God stresses 3 facts.

1. We must keep washing our robes (v. 14). This is in the present tense (cf. 1 Jn 1:7).

2. We must keep separate from evil (15). Some things are not to be found in the holy city (church). These will not be tolerated by God and should never be tolerated by Christians.

3. We must recognize and obey Scripture's authority (v. 18-19). We must reverently respect God's Word. We should never correct God's requirements. This principle applies to all Scripture (Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:32; Rv 30:5-6; Jeremiah 26:2; 1 Corinthians 14:37; Galatians 1:6-8). Fellowship can be pure only if we do not tamper with Scripture -- its teaching, application, and obedience.

III. The time is near - PREPARE TO MEET JESUS! (v. 12,13,16,11).

A. Are you prepared to face the One described? (13, 16). 

1. Here is One with the most exalted titles possible. He is the messianic King who came from Judah's royal house. As "the Root" He is the eternal King. As the "Alpha and Omega" He expresses the complete- ness of God's revelation, eternity, and authority.

2. He can send angels, command kings, conquer Satan. He is Lord of lords, and King of kings!

B. Are you prepared to receive your "wages" when He comes? (v. 11,12b).

1. "Reward" - literally "wages" that are due. 

2. When the Lord comes the good and evil will receive a just recom- pense.

3. "Every" man will receive, none will escape! Each will be paid according to his practice in life.

4. Surely this is a great motivation to remain faithful to God.

C. Are you prepared for His sudden return? (v. 12). "Quickly" can mean soon but it can also mean "suddenly" or "unexpectedly." Believers should live conscious that the Lord may come at any moment!

IV. The time is near - ACCEPT CHRIST'S INVITATION! (v. 17).

A. This invitation comes from the highest source. The Spirit speaking through the prophets, the church speaking to the world, the individual member exhorting all to obey. 

B. This invitation is extended to all. Those who would like to meet the Lamb are encouraged with the open invitation, "Come!" 

C. This invitation supplies what cannot be purchased. It is a summons to join the ranks of the Conquerors, to share the glorious reward of eternity, to possess the water of life (cf. Romans 6:23).

D. This invitation places a burden upon men. They must "come." The only qualification is a willingness to accept. This is what men must do if they wish to be saved. Unless men "come" they will be lost. God has done everything He can and now it is up to man (Matthew 11:28ff).

V. The time is near - BE EXCITED ABOUT CHRIST'S RETURN! (v. 20,22).

A. Our brethren longed for Christ's return (1 Corinthians 16:22). They knew He was coming and they could not wait. They knew that when He came it would be the final victory, Armageddon would end, the saved would be glorified.

B. One has to wonder if modern believers share this same excitement about Christ's return. Are you excited and eager? How often do you pray this prayer of John's?


I. Thus we see the grand book concluded. As the heavenly vision darkens and forever ceases John is brought back to Patmos. But now this 6x10 mile rocky island in the Aegean Sea seems less foreboding. John now has the answer and through his message his brethren can find hope as persecutions intensify. Christ is on the throne above all thrones and is reigning. Let believers take cheer and courage!

II. This message is extended to you and me tonight?

1. 1:3; 22:7 - Are you enjoying these blessings?

2. 22:14 - Here is what you must do!

Copyright 1998 by John L. Kachelman, Jr. may be reproducted for non-commercial purposes at no cost to others.

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