Sin is Always Wrong


I.         Satan’s goal has been to lead God’s children away from him.

            A.        So how do you accomplish this? How do you get people to do those things that are harmful to their souls?

            B.        One way is to minimize the result of sin. To say it is not as harmful as it might appear.

                        1.         Genesis 3:4-5 - You will not die.

                        2.         That drug won’t hurt you. What is the harm in one little sip? Don’t worry about disease, think about all the fun we will be having.

            C.        People take up the chant, even though they have doubts. “I know it is wrong, but . . . ” as if the excuse will somehow turn a wrong into a right.

II.        Sin is always wrong

            A.        Even if we do not know better

                        1.         People murdered the Son of God. Many were just following the crowd. They didn’t realize what they were supporting. - Acts 3:17-19

                        2.         God will not ignore ignorance - Acts 17:23, 30

            B.        Even if we thought it was the right thing to do

                        1.         Paul was able to say that he always felt he did the right thing. His conscious was clear. - Acts 23:1

                        2.         This man was once a leading Jew who saw Christians as traitors to the Law of Moses.

                                    a.         He dragged many to prisons and consented to their deaths - Acts 8:3, 22:4-5

                                    b.         He held the coats of those who stoned Stephen - Acts 7:58-59

                        3.         Paul’s view of righteousness did not excuse him. He realized his true state. - I Tim. 1:15

            C.        Even if it is legal

                        1.         Especially in these times there are so many sins that have received the blessing of our government.

                        2.         But God is the source of all authority. A government by its decrees cannot change right or wrong - Isa 5:20-23

                        3.         We must obey God instead of man - Acts 5:29

            D.        Even if someone respectable approves of it

                        1.         Satan disguises his message with respectable looking servants - II Cor 11:14

                        2.         We must test everyone for the truth - I John 4:1

            E.        Even if doesn’t harm anyone

                        1.         So often this is used to excuse sexual sins. “It was consensual.”

                        2.         I Cor 6:13-20 - Even if no else was harm, your soul was.

            F.        Even if we are not caught

                        1.         God sees everything - Heb 4:13

                        2.         Nothing is hidden from God - Ps 139:11-12

                        3.         God sees even our secret sins - Ps 90:7-8

            G.        Even if it is not as bad as what someone else did

                        1.         Rom 1:28-32 - You may not actually do a wicked deed, but even to show approval is worthy of death

                        2.         Do not judge yourself by the standards of other men, but judge yourself by the standards of God.

            H.        Even if we were trying to do good

                        1.         II Sam 6:1-10 - David wanted to bring the ark of God to Jerusalem, but he didn’t move it properly. He put it on a cart instead of being carried by poles on the shoulders of priests.

            I.         Even if someone else encouraged us

                        1.         Genesis 3:12-13 - Adam and Eve tried to excuse themselves.

                        2.         Prov 1:10-19 - Don’t listen. Sinners die in their sins

            J.         Even if we find we cannot help ourselves

                        1.         I Pet 4:1-5 - Is this not the excuse given for drinking, fornication, and adultery?

                        2.         Who dominates – the mind or the body?

                        3.         If you can’t stop drinking, then don’t start. If you have to have sex then get married and enjoy life with your spouse. If you gamble, don’t go into gambling joints.

                        4.         The problem is we can’t stop thinking about sin because we keep it ever before us.

III.       Sin is sin. Wrong doesn’t change, but you can. Leave the life of sin behind had wash away your filthy sins in the blood of Jesus Christ.


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