The Judge of All the Earth

Text: Job 34


I.         Have you ever told another, “It’s not fair!”

            A.        What is meant is that you do not think you are being treated in a just or right way.

            B.        Justice means “what is right” and just means “a state of being right or acting in right conduct.”

            C.        Justice carries the idea of fair and equitable treatment

                        1.         There is no favoritism with justice

                        2.         People get what they deserve.

            D.        Justice is symbolized as being blindfolded while weighing evidence

                        1.         There is no respect of persons with justice. Justice doesn’t peep to see who is involved in a case

                        2.         It is the facts, and not who is involved that matters

                        3.         No advantage is given to the rich and powerful

                        4.         No disadvantage is placed on the poor and defenseless

                        5.         Justice weighs the evidence and dispenses fair judgment to all.

            E.        But when you declare “It’s not fair!” are you being impartial?

                        1.         Many people want things that they are not willing to give.

                        2.         People will scream for justice when they think it will benefit them, but they will plead for mercy if they believe they are in the wrong.

            F.        Parable of the vineyard workers - Matthew 20:1-16

                        1.         The workers hired early in the morning thought it wasn’t fair that they were paid the same as the workers hired late in the day.

                        2.         Pause a moment and consider: Who stood to benefit from this complaint? Can you then say that these workers were unbiased and fair in their judgment of their boss?

                        3.         The point was that the early workers were paid exactly what they had negotiated for their pay.

                                    a.         Their real complaint is that they didn’t like the generosity of the master

                                    b.         In other words, they were envious of their fellow workers.

II.        God is impartial

            A.        Bias is a problem in any society

                        1.         We don’t want judges having business dealings with people whose case they are deciding.

                        2.         We don’t want government officials, especially those involved in foreign policy, taking money from foreign governments

                        3.         Companies have rules against employees receiving gifts from clients and suppliers

                        4.         We frown on researchers who say product X is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and oh by the way, their research was funded by the manufacturer of product X.

                        5.         Bribery is a sin because it creates a change in action based on who can pay and not based on what is right - Deuteronomy 16:19

            B.        Even right or wicked living doesn’t influence God - Job 35:5-8

            C.        God doesn’t show partiality or takes bribes - Deuteronomy 10:17

                        1.         If you think about it, how could anyone bribe the one who owns the universe?

                        2.         What could you offer God that He doesn’t already have? - Romans 11:35

            D.        The rich and the poor are treated alike - Job 34:16-19

            E.        Wisdom doesn’t alter the outcome - Job 37:23-24

            F.        God didn’t even spare angels - II Peter 2:4

            G.        Hence, God is able to judge impartially according to actual deeds - I Peter 1:17

            H.        It doesn’t matter what nationality you have - Romans 2:5-11

III.       God is not corrupt

            A.        Corrupt ruins justice because there is no standard of right and wrong in the judge’s life, so there is no reason to expect a standard being applied to another person’s life - Proverbs 24:23-25

            B.        God is without sin - I John 1:5

            C.        Therefore God can deliver just judgements - II Chronicles 19:7; Job 34:10-12

            D.        Men will receive as they acted - Colossians 3:23-25

            E.        Every transgression receives a just reward - Hebrews 2:2

IV.      God knows everything

            A.        A flaw in our court systems is that men do not know everything.

                        1.         We even limit what may be considered in a case in the hopes of getting greater justice

            B.        Nothing, however, is hidden from God’s sight - Job 34:21-23

                        1.         God considers everything man does - Proverbs 5:21

                        2.         He sees the good and the bad - Proverbs 15:3

                        3.         Even our thoughts - I Corinthians 4:4-5

            C.        Therefore we must be careful to be pleasing to God - II Corinthians 5:9-10

            D.        God will judge even the secret things - Ecclesiastes 12:14

V.        God understands

            A.        Many feel that decisions should be altered if I promise not to do it again or if I say I am sorry - Job 34:31-32

                        1.         To argue, “why does He still find fault? After all, I said I’m sorry” is a form of rebellion - Romans 9:19-21

            B.        It is common to think that if I didn’t know of something in advance, or if I don’t understand the reason behind a rule, then it is not fair to apply the rule to me - Job 34:33

                        1.         Leviticus 5:17 - Had to bear guilt, even if not known

                        2.         God once allowed ignorance, but no more - Acts 17:30-31

            C.        Man wants judgment to go in the way he thinks (biased) - Isaiah 55:6-9

VI.      God’s emotions doesn’t alter His justice

            A.        Job 36:17-18 - A man’s wrath will affect his judgment

            B.        James 1:19-20 - Man’s anger doesn’t achieve righteousness

            C.        God gives righteous judgment even when angry - Romans 2:5

            D.        God is a just judge - Psalm 7:10-11

VII.     God will judge all the world

            A.        He will do it justly, as Abraham understood - Genesis 18:25

            B.        Everyone shall appear - Revelation 20:12

            C.        What does the book contain about your life?

            D.        God’s judgments are absolutely just - Ezekiel 18:25-32


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