Hands that Shed Innocent Blood


I.       The First Murder

          A.      When do you think the first murder took place?

          B.      Most people would guess Cain and Abel.

          C.      Actually, it was earlier. Satan in the form of a serpent tempted Adam and Eve to sin. With that sin, they died. Gen. 2:17.

          D.      Jesus remarked that Satan was a murderer from the very beginning - Jn. 8:44.

II.      God Hates Murderers

          A.      Pr. 6:16-19 - One of the things abominable to God.

          B.      The ten commandments forbade murdering (not killing) - Ex. 20:13.

III.     Capital Punishment

          A.      Even before the old law, God instituted a command that murderers were to be put to death - Gen. 9:6

          B.      Putting murderers to death is not a holdover from the Old Testament.

          C.      It is not some silly thing that civilized people no longer practice. The lack of practice shows the disrespect of the people for God's wisdom.

IV.     Killing is not necessarily wrong

          A.      One of the arguments against capital punishment is that killing another human being is wrong.

          B.      Gen. 9:6 shows that there are times when it must be done.

          C.      The Old Law also recognized that accidental killings happen and the person is not guilty of murder.

                    1.       Ex. 21:12-14,29 shows a differentiation between premediated and accidental killings.

                    2.       The laws regarding the cities of refuge were to protect the innocent (accidental murderer) from being killed. - Num. 35:15-34 and Deut. 19:1-13

V.      Murder was wrong when innocent people were killed.

          A.      I Sam. 19:5 - Killing without cause

          B.      Ex. 21:12-14 - Killing out of hate

          C.      Egypt and Edom were guiltly of allowing innocent people to be killed within their lands - Joel 3:19

          D.      Manasseh killed many innocent people during his reign - II Kings 21:16

          E.      The wicked are quick to shed innocent blood - Isa. 59:4-8

          F.       They will even go so far as to pass laws to justify their slaughter of the innocent - Ps. 94:20-21.

VI.     Christians are not to practice murder

          A.      Remember that the difference between accidental killing and murder was whether a person had hatred in their heart.

          B.      Christians are not to have hate for their brethern - I Jn. 3:15.

          C.      If you love you neighbor as yourself, you will not commit murder - Rom. 13:9

          D.      If you must suffer, suffer for being a Christian and not a murderer - I Pet. 4:14-16.

VII.   What about wars?

          A.      Sometimes people use the law against murder to claim that fighting in wars is wrong.

          B.      Again, the law said murder and not all killing.

          C.      Wars are rarely done because of hatred. The soliders especially.

          D.      We can't claim innocence when both sides take up weapons.

          E.      However, killing of innocent bystanders would be wrong.


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