Aiding and Abetting


I.         Did you know that holding coats could be a sin?

            A.        Saul held the coats of those who stoned Stephen - Acts 7:57, Acts 22:20

            B.        He never threw a stone, and yet he was guilty of that death

            C.        He approved of what the others were doing, showing it by helping.

II.        You don't have to physically do something to sin. You don't have to be even directly involved.

            A.        One of those ways is by showing approval of those who are sinning.

            B.        Romans 1:29-32

            C.        One way is to tell the wicked that it isn't really a sin - Isaiah 5:20

            D.        Only law breakers praise the wicked - Proverbs 28:4

            E.        God finds such a person an abomination - Proverbs 17:15

            F.        People do this so often that God finds in wearisome - Malachi 2:17

            G.        Even other people do not like it - Proverbs 24:24

III.       Another way is suggesting how a person can commit a sin

            A.        II Samuel 13:1-20 is the story of Amnon and Tamar. In the story, Amnon rapes Tamar. One of the question I ask after studying this chapter is "Who sinned". The idea is to show that Tamar did not sin. However, many people overlook Jonadab who suggested the scheme to Amnon.

            B.        Numbers 22-24 contains the story of Balaam. Balaam was hired to curse the Israelites, but God would not let him. Instead he suggested to Balak a means of getting God to condemn the Israelites by leading them into sin. (Numbers 31:16, II Peter 2:15). The blame for this sin falls squarely on Balaam's shoulders.

IV.      Finally, you can partake in another's sin by simply not condemning the sin

            A.        Though not the author’s intention, I received an illustration of this very thing. “When you look over these posts and see how miserable and guilty the children that you advise feel about their "sins" don't you regret the way you teach? God loves us all no matter what mistakes we make and it would be nice to find some Christians that teach the love and not the wrath. Unless the reader can read and clearly understand Hebrew, Arabic, and many of the other languages of the original Bible, I think it is almost hypocritic to spread guilt based on third and fourth level translations. I don't mean to criticize and I definitely respect what you are doing, I think its great trying to help young men and women with their most intimate of problems, but maybe sometimes the answer shouldn't just be 'you've sinned, you're making up excuses.' It's clear that some people have justified pre-marital sex in their own lives and you will likely be unable to change that, but your practical advise on what actions to take should be based on if they continue their ways. I’m sure would be much more valuable to them than judging them. It's not our place to judge or dictate who has the rights of passage into our father's kingdom. Although I don't expect it to, I will pray that my wisdom has a flicker on your thoughts.”

                        1.         Here is a man who doesn’t care about right and wrong, he just doesn’t want anyone to feel guilty.

                        2.         Here is a man who thinks that no one can do wrong.

                        3.         Here is a man sitting in judgment when someone teaches God’s truth.

            B.        II John 11 - Don't bid God's speed to a false teacher.

            C.        Ephesians 5:11 - Don't have fellowship with the works of darkness

            D.        Ephesians 5:6-7 - Don't be a partaker in another person's sin

            E.        I Timothy 5:22 - Don't share in others sins.


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