Bible Topics In The Christian Library

 1) This city borders the Sea of Galilee
A) Baca
B) Nazareth
C) Capernaum
D) None of the Above

2)  What city was mentioned in this verse? “And thou, __________, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works, which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day.”
A) Jerusalem
B) Ephesus
C) Perga
D) None of the Above

3) John Baptized in this river
A) Tigris
B) Euphrates
C) Jordan
D) Pison

4) The four river heads of Eden were
A) Jordan, Tigris, Euphrates, and Pison

B) Tigris, Hiddekel, Jordan, and Pison
C) Hiddekel, Pison, Euphrates, and Tigris
D) Pison, Euphrates, Gihon, Hiddekel

5) Jacob decided to put his possessions on the other side of this river to be prepared to meet Esau.
A) Jordan
B) Pison
C) Gihon
D) Jabbok

6) Two boundaries of water of the promised land were
A) Great Sea and Sea of Galilee
B) Great Sea and Salt Sea
C) Great Sea and Euphrates River
D) Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Sea

7) The Egyptian army was destroyed in this body of water
A) The New River
B) Nile River
C) Red Sea
D) None of the above

8) Jesus fed 4,000 after he came nigh unto this body of water
(A)  Sea of Galilee
(B)  Persian Golf
(C)  Red Sea
(D)  None of the above

9) God told Elijah to camp at this stream, where he would send ravens with food
(A) Cherith 
(B) Jordan
(C) Nile
(D) Tigris

10) This sea was formerly know as the Valley of Siddim
(A) Great Sea
(B) Red Sea
(C) Salt Sea
(D) None of the above

11) Jesus passed over this stream, where there was a garden; the place where Judas brought a band of men to take him
(A) Cedron
(B) Cherith
(C) Jordan
(D) All of the above

12) This city was destroyed because of homosexuality
(A) Hebron
(B) Jerusalem
(C) San Francisco
(D) Sodom

13) God confounded the language of all the Earth here
(A) Sodom
(B) Babel
(C) Ephesus
(D) None of the above

14)  Paul met with the elders of this city and warned them of grievous wolves
(A) Rome
(B) Ephesus
(C) Smyrna
(D) Sardis

15)  John wrote concerning the Church in this city being “luke warm”
A) Laodicea
B) Sardis
C) Ephesus
D) Smyrna

16)  The location from which the 12 spies set out
A) Kadesh
B) Jericho
C) Jerusalem
D) None of the above

17)  The sun stood still here
A) Patmos
B) Egypt
C) Gibeon
D) None of the above

18)  Christ was crucified here
A) Jericho
B) Calvary
C) A mud hole
D) None of the above

19)  The capital city in which Esther lived
A) Babylon
B) Jerusalem
C) Shushan
D) Jericho

20) The capital of Assyria where Jonah eventually preached
A) Nineveh
B) Babylon
C) Jerusalem
D) None of the above
21)  The ark of the covenant spent many years in this city
A) Dan
B) Beersheba
C) Shiloh
D) None of the above

22)  This city boasted of a “temple of the great goddess Diana”
A) Ephesus
B) Athens
C) Rome
D) Jericho

23)  Brethren in this city “received the word in much affliction with, with joy of the Holy ghost”
A) Corinth
B) Rome
C) Bethlehem
D) None of the above

24) The brethren in this city searched the scriptures daily
A) Thessalonica
B) Troas
C) Berea
D) None of the Above

25) Where was the apostles when Peter preached the first Gospel sermon after the Kingdom had been established
A) Galilee
B) Jerusalem
C) Berea
D) None of the Above

26) Where was Christ born
A) America
B) Bethlehem
C) Colosse
D) Thyatira



1) C – Matthew 4:12-13
2) D – Capernaum – Matthew 11:23
3) C – Mark 1:4-5
4) D – Genesis 2:10-14
5) D – Genesis 32:22-23
6) C – Josh 1:4
7) C – Exodus 15:4
8) A – Matthew 15:29-39
9) A – I Kings 17:3-4
10) C – Genesis 14:3
11) A – John 18:1-3
12) D – Genesis 18:16-19;29
13) B – Gen 11:1-9
14) B – Acts 20:17-31
15) A – Revelation 3:14-22
16) A – Numbers 13:26
17) C – Josh 10:12
18) B – Luke 23:33
19) C – Esther 1:2
20) A – Jonah 3:2-3
21) C - I Samuel 4:3
22) A – Acts 19:26-27
23) D – Thessalonica I Thess 1:6
24) C – Acts 17:10-11
25) B – Luke 24:47/Acts 2:5-14
26) B – Matthew 2:1

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