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    OVERVIEW:    The New International Version is a work of 105 scholars at a cost of 2.5 million dollars.  Even though only 3 copyrights have been secured, many editions with slight translation variations have been published.  Out of the 105 scholars, only one was a member of the church of Christ and one from the non-denominational Christian Church, but do you think any of their recommendations were ever in the final product?  (Not one word.) Then as an insult to the churches of Christ and Christian Churches they listed them as denominations on the preface page.
    The NIV is a free style translation as previously discussed (tract #1), that means the translators are able to change the Hebrew or Greek sentence structure as they wish and can translate any word any way and as many different ways as they want.  Because of this, the overhaul accuracy to the Greek and Hebrew is fair to poor.  The thought accuracy of the NIV is fair to poor.  The NIV is easily readable, this seemed to be the aim of International Bible Societies, even at a great sacrifice of accuracy.  This version uses excessive paraphrasing (Dynamic Equivalence) and supplied words are not marked.  Some half brackets are used to show phrases added in by the translators but this is not always the case.  When comparing word content to the American Standard Version, the most literal version with the least amount of paraphrasing, it was recognized that the NIV has 10% less words.  At closer examination many phrases in the Greek have been deleted in the NIV.  Also many times the words Jesus, Christ, Lord and God have been omitted.
    As you can tell, the format has been changed in this work from the previous CORRECT YOUR BIBLE- VERSION.  Reasons being that because of so many different editions of the NIV it is impossible to mark the words that need correction.  Also in the NIV many verses and even some paragraphs need to be totally deleted.  In all translations there are some doctrinal flaws, about 10-60, but in the NIV there are over 750! Because of the quantity of mistakes that can or have been used to meet some false doctrine, ONLY those mistakes have been listed in the following section.  The `*' previously used to mark doctrinal flaws in the other tracts has been dropped.  Even if you could correct this version, you could NEVER strengthen the areas where the truth has been weakened because of paraphrasing.  The following doctrines are paraphrased into the verses of the New International Version: Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic, Pre-millennial, eternal depravity, eternal security (once saved always saved), Pentecostalism, the direct operation of the Holy Spirit separate from the word, Calvinism (individual predestination without the persons will), law vs.  grace, salvation by faith only, Mormonism, Latter Day Saints, Jehovah's Witness, the superiority of clergy over laity, earthly spiritual fathers, an effort to teach a physical millennial rule on earth makes some verses teach the same as the voodoo belief, and some of the words are arranged to prove the tribulation - rapture doctrine.1 Brother Guy Woods said, `The NIV is packed full of denominational error.' In Calvinism and Pre-Millennial it is the strongest doctrinated version currently in print.  There is no other version in English that teaches all this ERROR and in so many different areas.  In this series of tracts, only about 20 doctrinal flaws found in other translations are NOT found in the NIV.
    DOCTRINAL MISTAKES:    In the following section the verses which need correction are listed; if a word(s) follows, then after the equal sign (=) is the word(s) that should be used.  A "Del:" means to delete the following from the verse.
    GENESIS  1st chap.  is not poetry, And = then, 2.6, 4.4, 6.8, 33.13-23, 49.10. DEUTERONOMY 5.12, 15,
    PSALMS 2.7-8, 36.27-28, 37.23-24, 28, 51.5. 
    ISAIAH 2.2, 11.10-11, 14.2- 23, 56.1-8, 56.12, 57.1-3. JEREMIAH  at the crossroads = at the ways, DANIEL  9.27.  JOEL 2.32.  AMOS 6.5 {see an ASV}, NAHUM  2.4.  HABAKKUK  3.16.  MICAH 4.1.  ZECHARIAH  4.7, 14.3.
    Gehenna (Hell) and Hades are rendered very inconsistent, giving way to many false beliefs.  The rendering of the Greek word `aion' into `age' and `world', helps fuel the NIV's premillennialistic doctrination.  Approximately 100 times the Greek word `sarx' which translates as `flesh' in all literal translations and `lower' or `human nature' in a very few free style translations, is in the NIV translated as `sinful', `sinful nature', `sinful mind' and `sinful man'.  Except one time when referring to Christ, is rendered `human nature', Rom.  1.3.  These errors along with the NIV's Psalm 51.5, makes it the only Bible version that strongly teaches `original sin' and `Emmanuel Conception'.  Many places the word `brethren', as translated in most versions, is translated as `brothers' in the NIV.  Some examples:  Rom.  1.13, 7.4, 12.1, 16.14, 1Cor.  1.10, 8.12, 11.33, 15.1, 16.20, 2 Cor.  8.1, 13.11, Gal.  6.18, Eph.  2.8, 6.23, Phil.  3.1, 4.8, Col.  1.2, 1 Thes.  4.1, 2 Thes.  1.3, etc.  These are just a small sample of some of the inconsistences in the New Testament.
    MATTHEW  1.1, whole 1st chap., 1.25, 1.32, 2.15, 2.17, 3.11 with= in, 3.17, 5.17 abolish = destroy, (this makes a contradiction to Eph.  2.15), 5.32 (the rendering here allows divorce for almost any reason.), 11.23 the depths= hades, 13.13-15, 16.18 and del.  footnote, 18.22, 19.9, 19.28 at the renewal of all things = in the new-birth, 24.8, 24.21, 24.33 He = It, 24.34 Del: footnote, 26.64.
    MARK 1.1, 1.4 a= the baptism, 1.11, 4.11- 12, 13.8, 13.29 He = It, 13.30 Del: footnote, 16.9-20 footnote= 2 of the oldest existing manuscripts do not contain ...
    LUKE  1.3, 3.23-38, 8.12, 9.35, 10.1 72=70, 21.32 Del: footnote, 22.32, 24.46.
    JOHN 1.1-18 is very poorly translated, 1.5, 14, 18, 1.32, 1.42, 3.8, 3.16, 18, 3.34, 4.9, 5.28, 14.1-2.
    ACTS 1.15, 1.25, 2.1 (by deleting the "and" which made a compound sentence of 1.26 and 2.1 this gives way to the false belief that the 120 instead of the 12 apostles received the Holy Spirit Baptism on the day of Pentecost, especially with the wording used in 2.39.) 2.27 grave= hades, 2.31, 2.39, 2.42, 3.21, 7.55, 9.6, 10.35-36, 11.17, 13.33, 15.40, 16.7, 16.14, 19.2 Del: footnote, 19.4 a = the, 21.15-16, 26.26-28,
    The entire Roman letter has been changed to where faith only is taught almost explicitly and that man is nothing but sin, even from his birth.  ROMANS  1.3, 1.5, 1.9, 1.11 Del: spiritual, 1.17, 3.25, 3.27-28, 3.31, 4.1-5, 7.18, 8th Chap., 8.1 Del: footnote, 8.33, 9.16, 10.10, 11.11, 11.25, 13.14, 15.14, 15.1, 29- 30, 16.1 deaconess = servant or ministering servant, 16.17 watch out = mark, 16.18 naive = simple, 16.26, 1CORINTHIANS  1.6, 1.7, 1.10, 2.1, 2.14, 4.14- 16, 4.15 guardians = tutors (a name given a slave who was in charge of taking children to school; opposite of the word: father), 7.9, 7.17, 7.24, 7.29, 7.36-38, 9.27, 12.13, Chapter 13 is totally doctrinated with Pentecostalism.  13.10 perfection = the perfect thing, 14.15, 15.29, 15.45. 2CORINTHIANS  1.22, 3.7, 3.14, 4.7, 5.11-12, 11.1 as = just as, 11.5, 12.11, 13.5-6, GALATIONS  1.7, 1.15, 2.15-16, 2.20, 3.3, 3.24 guardian = tutor, 3.26, 5.6, 6.1, EPHESIANS  1.4-5, 1.9-11, 1.13, 1.17-18, 3.21, 4.11-16, 5.9, 5.19, 5.18-21, PHILIPPIANS  2.6-7, COLOSSIANS  1.2, 2.11-15, 3.16, 4.17. 1THESSALONIANS  1.3, 1.5, 2.13, 5.19. 1TIMOTHY  1.3, 2.6, 3.11 del. footnote, 4.14, 6.16, 2TIMOTHY  1.8. TITUS  3.5-6. PHILEMON  10, 20, 22.
    HEBREWS  1.1-2, 1.5, 5.6-7.17 is sympathetic with the Morman's doctrinal beliefs, 5.10, 6.1-2, 6.6, 7.3, 8.7-8, 13, 9.15, 9.16,17, 10.9, 10.25, 11.1, 11.17, 12.28, 13.17, JAMES  1.6, 1.25, 2.20-21, 5.15-16, 1PETER  1.2, 2.8, 3.15-16, 3.18- 19, 3.21 the pledge of = an appeal for, Del: footnote, 4.10-11.  2PETER  2.10-11, 2.20-22, Chapter 3 is totally premillennial doctrinated.  3.10 laid bare = burned up; 3.10 the footnote is in error (see an ASV).
    1JOHN  1.1-2, 2.29, 3.7, 5.7-8 Del: footnote, REVELATION  1.6 del.  to be, 5.10 will live =lived, 20.3-7 check an ASV, 20.7 were= should be.
    WHY USE IT    Let us look at some of the reasons why people use the NIV.  The biggest is "I can't read the King James Version".  At present there are in print about 65 translations of the complete Bible, all of which use less archaic words and expressions than the King James.  Of these versions, 60 of them stand a better chance of getting someone to heaven than the NIV.  "It's easy to understand".  Almost every person who has rated the reading level of Bibles has ranked the New King James version within the same grade level as the NIV.  Also to this day I have found one person and only one person with better than a 5th grade education who could not use the New King James version! In fact, I know many young children who have used the New American Standard for years which is considerably harder to read.  "It was recommended to me by my ...".  I would like to be nice and as loving as possible when I say, "Anyone who recommends or insists on using the NIV is ignorant of the truth about translations or is trying to prove some false doctrine."  "It was a gift".  I have a lot of gifts that sit on a shelf and that is the best place for this version.  "It reads like I believe".  And probably the same as 500 other religious groups also believe.  "It is a good translation for kids."  Kids have a hard enough time with growing up.  They need to have something they can trust; the NIV has too many contradictions and false doctrines in it.  The Simple English or the New King James Version are both much much better for children.
    CONCLUSION:    This version should never be recommended.  Even many denominations are recommending other translations.  Many Elderships are limiting use in the Pulpit and Classrooms to literal translations.  Every translation of the Bible is better doctrinally than the NIV and most are more accurate.  I once used a Good News for Modern Man to show a brother many of the problems in the NIV.  This is the version used by most of the cults, including International Churches of Christ, because it is the only version that can be used to prove many of their false teachings.  It has been said by many, "the NIV could keep someone out of Heaven."  The New King James Version, New American Standard, and Hugo McCord's translation are good and easily readable versions to use instead of the NIV.  They would also allow good future growth, something the NIV will stun.

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1.  Is The New International Version a Version or a Perversion?  Copyright 1980 by Walter Wagner, Box 152, Slater, S.C.

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The Holy Bible, New International Version copyright by the International Bible Society 1973, 1978, 1984, etc.

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Note by Author, B. Walter,  Dec. 21, 2011: I started these tracts wanting to give people a way to use denominational Bible translations with some form of safety by removing the translators believes which infested them.  After having looked at the Modern Literal Version New Testament;  I see no reason to recommend any other translation to anyone for the study of God's Word. 

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